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Palo Alto VPN Client Setup Instructions

1. Navigate to the Company portal via clicking the start button, and typing Company Portal in the search box.
2. From the Company Portal, Click the Apps button on the left banner.

3. From the Apps menu, search for GlobalProtect VPN.

4. Click Install, this will automatically install the software. It can take up to 10minutes depending on connection speed.

5. After install completes, A small box will appear at the bottom. It will prompt for a login. This is your culver ID number and your password

6. Once credentials are entered correctly you will get a connected status.

NOTE: If you are on campus and connected to Culver Staff, Student or Guest. The VPN will come up with an error connection. This is normal and should connect when you are off the network, such as home or other networks.

7. If you ever need to open the app, or see if it is running, click the arrow in the bottom right corner and the icon should be there if it is running. If it is not there, search via the start menu.

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