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Culver Email on Your Smart Phone

Here are some instructions to configure email on your smart phone. The installation is in two parts, you must install Intune Company Portal first. After all Intune Company portal steps are finished you can proceed to the Outlook setup.

First, a few notes:

If you forgot your password and set up self-service password reset, you can reset your password at
If you have not set up self-service password reset, you can do that at

To have Culver email on your phone, you must protect your phone with an unlock passcode.

Native e-mail (Andriod & iPhone)clients will not function with Culver email. You must install the Microsoft Outlook app.

Installing the Company Portal on your Mobile Device

Culver has a lot of proprietary information, including email and files, and will be using the Microsoft Intune Company Portal to help protect that information when you access it from your mobile device.

Note: Once the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app is downloaded, you should not need to access it or perform the set up again. This app just allows other apps with Culver data, like Microsoft Outlook or OneDrive, to work on your phone.

Follow the instructions below to get access to your email and other company resources on your mobile device.

1. Go to the iTunes or Google Play store and search for “intune”.
2. Get the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app.
3. Open the Company Portal app and tap Sign In. Enter your 6 digit ID,, and tap Next.
4. Enter your password, then tap Sign in. Wait for it to load.
5. Tap on Begin to start the process of making your device able to access company resources. On the next screen you can learn more about what Culver can see. If you choose to continue, tap Continue.
6. Click “Continue”.
7. Click “Allow”.
8. Click “Close”.
9. Click “Continue Now”
10. Click “Continue”.
11. Click “Install”, then follow the instructions.
12. Go to your Settings.
13. Click “Profile Downloaded”.
14. Click “Install” and “Trust”.
Your device is now enrolled. You can ignore the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app, it will just stay on your screen for the time period you are an employee at Culver. You should not need to use it or perform this setup again.
You can now install the Outlook app to get Culver email on your phone.

Install the Microsoft Office App
1. Go to the app store and search for Microsoft Outlook
2. Download the Microsoft Outlook app
3. Login with your email address ( and your Culver password
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Please do not report Junk, Spam or Phishing emails in the ticket system. Use the Report Message function in Microsoft Outlook. See this KB article for additional details: