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Veracross Access Request Instructions

Access Request Procedure

  1. Click on the Access Request Form found at:
  2. Enter the data below for each field:

    1. Date Requested:             Today’s date
    2. Date access required:    today’s date
    3. Action Requested:          select Add Authorization in drop down menu
    4. Department:                    select your department in drop down menu
    5. Position:                           type your title
    6. Last Name:                       type your last name
    7. First Name:                      type your first name
    8. Veracross ID:                    type your employee ID XXXXXX
    9. Modules Access:            Check the square box next to applicable roles. For Faculty: Faculty Level 3, Guidance 1, and Grades Reader

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the website and click the “Print Now” button
  2. Ask the required people to sign it
  3. Scan the form
  4. Attach it to ticket at
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