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Mid Term Admits

After a mid-year enrollment contract is signed, there are quite a few activities we need to do. Please check the list below to make sure your items are complete. 

Student Roles (ADMISSIONS):

Change role from “Future Student” to “Student.

Parent Roles (ADMISSIONS):

Update parent roles from “Parent of Future Student” to “Parent.” (If Future Parents have user accounts, these will NOT be converted to Parent accounts.)

Entry Date (REGISTRAR):

Populate the “Entry Date” with the date of the first day of school.

Classes (REGISTRAR):

Check that they are enrolled in active classes.


Create parent portal account and send welcome emails, if necessary. If it the “Portal Access” flag was checked off for a parent, the account will already have been created in the overnight process. Ensure that their primary portal is “Parent”.

Student Portal Account (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY):

Create student portal account.  Update the username to XXXXXX. Ensure that their primary portal is “Student”.

Prepare Laptop and Account (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)

Include instructions for student portal.
Include fee list for damages.

Take ID card picture.


The Orah API will bring in the student.

Add photo (from X:\InHouseApps\Photo ID\WS Pics) Note, the student needs to come take their picture at the IT service desk first.

Send Orah parent welcome emails.

Student Billing (BUSINESS OFFICE):

If the student is a on a payment plan, split charges accordingly.

Generate invoice for student.


Enter the students and parents into RE with Incoming Student and Incoming Patron.

During the first day of class, change them to Current Student and Current Patron.

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