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RE NXT Reset Database View when unable to login

Reset Database View: Terminate Session

How do I Reset Connection to Database View?

You may encounter a situation where you need to manually disconnect your application account from the database view in order to log back in to the database View . Rather than using Task Manager (Windows PC) to end Citrix and related processes, or rebooting your machine, follow the steps below to close your session immediately. 

Symptoms can be any of the below but are not limited to:

  • Nothing happens when attempting to launch the database view
  • The "starting" window of Citrix will hang then disappear before the database view launches
  • A black box appears when launching the database view but the application never loads

Before disconnecting your session, ensure that you don't have any files open from the public cloud files folder. Open files can hold open the connection and prevent the session from being terminated.

To disconnect your session from The Raiser's Edge NXT in the public cloud environment:
  1. In the RE NXT web view, click the Pancake icon > Database options.
  2. This will load to the Sessions tab, which lists any servers your account is actively connected to.
  3. If a Citrix session(s) appears, click Terminate my sessions.
Note: The process to terminate the sessions may take a minute and the page will refresh when it completes.
  1. Attempt to open the database view again.
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