Monitors, keyboard, and mouse not working? Unplug your laptop from the dock, then unplug the power from the dock itself. Wait five minutes and then plug them in in reverse order.

Raiser's Edge: Installing Citrix and logging into RE NXT Database View

Logging into Raiser’s Edge NXT WebView and Database View

Installing Citrix Application

1.       Go to the Start menu and use the search bar to find “Company Portal

2.       Inside the Company Portal, look for the Citrix Workspace App and click “Install

Logging into Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View

1.       Go to and at the top right of the screen, click “Sign In”.   Then login using your Culver Email and Blackbaud specific password. 

2.       Once logged in, on the top left of the screen click the 3 bars and Select “Raiser’s Edge NXT”

3.       On this next screen, select “Culver Educational Foundation” and you will be brought to the Web View home page

a.         Note: Bookmark this URL in your browser to bypass the previous steps

Launching Raiser’s Edge Database View (RE7 Classic View)

1.       From within the Web View, at the top right of the screen click on the “Pancake button” and select “Open Database View

a.       This will download a file and you will need to double click on the downloaded file to open it and launch Database view.

b.       If you get a message saying you must select a program to open this type of file you must call IT at 7777 for support.  This means the Citrix App did not install correctly.

2.       If you get a pop-up, checkmark the box “Do not ask me again” and select “Permit Use”

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