Monitors, keyboard, and mouse not working? Unplug your laptop from the dock, then unplug the power from the dock itself. Wait five minutes and then plug them in in reverse order.

Culver My Apps

To access Culver's my apps portal, enter: in your web browser. This portal hosts many Culver applications that are accessible on personal and Academies devices.

1.      Enter in your web browser. This will bring you to a Microsoft login page. Here you will enter your 6 # Culver ID ( Press next then enter your password.

2.      After login you will arrive at the App page, from here you can choose what app you need.

3.      Office online is a good resource for working from home and or from non-Culver devices. Outlook is your Culver email that you can use as well. Dayforce is available here as well as the Helpdesk and Facilities ticketing system.

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