Monitors, keyboard, and mouse not working? Unplug your laptop from the dock, then unplug the power from the dock itself. Wait five minutes and then plug them in in reverse order.

Add Asset's to helpdesk system.

Helpdesk Kiosk Walkup Ticket Instructions (Culver IT Helpdesk - Helpdesk Kiosk Walkup Ticket Instructions - Knowledge base)

  1. Open Culver Helpdesk Kiosk on the Service Desk Kiosk computer. Note: We can lock this system down by IP so only specified IP addresses can access this webpage.

  1. User will input Name, Category, Subject, Service Tag, and Ticket Body, and submit.

  1. Ticket will be created in via the API connection.

  1. If ticket is related to laptop hardware issue, print it and tape it to laptop.

  1. Copy the Service Tag # into the Asset field.

  1. If student password is needed, obtain it from AD attribute 15.

  1. Make notes and add pictures into the ticket as necessary.

Assigning and Un-assigning Inventory (Culver IT Helpdesk - Assigning and Un-assigning Inventory - Knowledge base)

  1. During the Offboarding Process,search for all assets assigned to a person and unassign accordingly.
    1. Click “Assets” tab
    2. Click “Search”
    3. Click “Advanced”
    4. Select the assigned to user from the dropdown.

  1. During a hardware swap, be sure to unassign the item from the person and re-assign a new item. 
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